Gif & Trailer Shop



Classic GIF – $75.00

  • Gifs are between 10-15 seconds max
  • Two frames max
  • 50 characters of text max (not including the release date or out now wording)
  • Any minor edits/changes to gifs will be a $20.00 charge
  • Bigger edits are $30 per gifLHOF

Basic Bish Gif – $55

  • Ten second max
  • Includes a 3d rendering of your book, plain background and one simple overlay element (such as snow, fire, hearts etc.)
  • Text: Either Out Now, Available Now or release date

Super Simple Gif Example


Animated Book Cover – $125 

  • Perfect for Instagram or Snapchat Ads or cover reveal posts!
  • Price includes formatting for Snapchat/IG ad and normal instagram feed size which also works for Twitter and Facebook!
  • Must have workable layers in Photoshop format in order to place this order.


Two Gif Set- $115.00

  • Two identical gifs, one with release date and one with “Out today”
  • *Please note, for two gif set, the gifs will be identical or very similar save for the change of wording on each.


Book Trailer – $300.00

  • 1.5 Minutes max
  • 200 Characters Max
  • Editing not included in price
  • $50 PER EACH edit/any additional assets purchased for edits (stock photo/videos) will be added to the invoice.


Please read: Each trailer is designed and created by the GIFgrrl team, and delivered as complete and final. Any additional changes will be subject to a fee of $50 per edit. Book trailers are made using templates, therefore certain edits aren’t possible. Simple changes are sometimes possible for the price above (per edit) but for the most part these trailers are sold as is.


Epic Book Trailer – $800.00

  • 2.5 minutes max
  • One editing round included
  • 250 Characters max



Query Edits One Pass – $40.00

Need help with your query letter? No luck finding an agent to represent your work? I can help! I will provide one round of edits on your query letter and help your book get it’s best shot with agents.