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Stuff You Should Know

Hey! GifGrrl is a mostly one person production and although we try our hardest to make you happy we do have limitations! Please read the terms of service below carefully before you order.

  1. Graphics (gifs/trailers) have a one to two week delivery date but may be delayed depending on work load. Please book your gifs well ahead of time if you need them by a certain date! We recommend at least three months in advance.
  2. Each trailer is designed and created by the GIFgrrl team, and delivered as complete and final. For the normal BOOK TRAILER option any additional changes will be subject to a fee of $50 per edit but please note, BOOK TRAILERS are made using templates, therefore certain edits aren’t possible. Simple changes are sometimes possible for the price above (per edit) but for the most part these trailers are sold as is.
  3. EPIC TRAILERS get one round of edits but again, are limited. I will let you know which edits are possible and which are not once you review your trailer.
  4. We will not work on any books we deem hateful, racist, ableist or ugly. If you need a resource for your book, you might try this company which is happy to work with anyone. Thank you.
  5.  Please be sure to read the item descriptions carefully! You won’t be getting a classic gif for the super simple gif price. Not in this house.
  6. All Gifgrrl graphics and trailers come with my logo as both a small watermark and final frame with my logo and year of production. No exceptions. 
  7. By ordering from you acknowledge that you have read, acknowledged and will adhere to the these terms. 
  8. Please commit points 1-5 to memory and have some hot chocolate. You’ve earned it.